Tuesday, 7 June 2016

SEO Tips Trick - Keyword placement

All Internet marketer or webmaster would want their website to be on the main page of a search based on the desired keywords. In this article I want to share my knowledge, share tips on SEO so that your website can appear on the first page based on the keywords you are targeting or you inginkankan.SEO is a way that is beneficial for the internet marketer. As with the PPC (Pay Per Click) that require you to pay every click made on the ad by pengiunjung, no matter whether these visitors buy your product or not. With the appearance of your website on the search results page that is pure or without pay will make our website to have more visitors than ads appearing on the list which are included on the list of our website. This is because a searcher tends to prefer the web sites listed on the menu of ten larger than the page are paid.The bad side of the SEO techniques is often the search engines change their algorithms or the way they use to adopt a website to appear on the main page. But do not worry by following the tips below then your website will have a greater opportunity to appear on pages 10 and able to maintain its position for long periods of time.

 Keywords should be contained in the text contained in Link

The other sites referring to your website due to a search engine perspective. With the keywords contained in your links then you will have a greater opportunity to appear on page 10 based on those keywords.

Keywords should be present in the title tag

The search engines have great attention to the title tag you created. With this tag search engines will know what is contained in the topic of your website. For better results keyword can be included on the first order of the list of tags. The title tag should not be melibihi dikehendakipun 60 characters.

Keyword What you want Should there on your link.

To make your website has a high ranking or order you can include keywords that you want on the link. As an example, suppose you want to use keywords.

Run SEO safe with a keyword density

There is no rule that specifically mentions the right keyword density for the search engines frequently change their algorithms or ways to analyze a website. There is some theory that google will think your website is spam or junk if there is a keyword of 2% of the words in your content, but other search engines like Yahoo and MSN New assume that your content as spam or junk if keywords contained in the content or article you reach 5% darijumalh words contained in your article.Some SEO experts have to combine their pedapat about the density of keywords or keyword. So do not you focus on this theory. Include the keywords at the beginning of your content and menulislah are ordinary or natural. If you want to take the safe side then you can include keywords with a ratio of less than 2% of your content and in peletakannya forge between keywords to each other in the distance. It is intended that the article you make google eyes look normal.

Put your keywords in the heading or title of the post (can be on heading 1, heading 2, and so on)

A search engine always observe carefully the words which lies between the first heading and other headings. the right way in laying the keyword is to put keywords among these headings. However you have to be absolutely sure THAT keywords you put earlier to have a match with the content or articles tang you create.

Put a tag that is bold, or italic contrast between your keywords

A machine poncari more attention to the tag being bold or sloped, so place the tag that is bold, contrasting or angled to your website to rank higher as more get the attention of search engines.

Put your keywords in the beginning paragraph of your article

Although this may not be included in the SEO tip as I've mentioned, but laying a good SEO strategy because search engines pay more attention to some of the first display on your website. Keyword placement does not require any html code.

Put your keywords in the meta tag

Google, Yahoo and MSN read your content via meta tags and the most attention to this Adala google search engine. So why do not you take a minute to fill in meta tags with your keywords.

Put your keywords in the alt tag.

Search engines can not read images or graphics but they Dapa read the description of the alt tag. If there are images in your website then fill your keywords in the alt tag, but not too often.

Target specific keywords

Bebrapa keyword has high competition and led to a chance for their highest ranking mendaptkan smaller. It would be better if you are targeting a specific keyword and has a smaller competition. For example, if your keyword is currently dalah motorcycle then it would be better if you menubah your keywords into the motorcycle brand X.

Run LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)

Search engines look for common words or words related to the keywords you are targeting to explain the relationship between keywords to your article. The search engines will pay more attention to the page that has words that are related to keywords than pages that have only keywords only. For instance, if your keyword is a car so it is better if in your articles there are similarities or relevant words such as vehicles, transport and others.

Run Keyword Proxy

This method is used to run websites that have a keyword phrase consisting of two words. Eg marketing strategy. You use the strategy in the first sentence of your article and use marketing in the fourth sentence. It is true this is still counted as a way of laying the keywords but not more effective than the use of keywords simultaneously without the interlude between the two words that keyword. Keywords or keyword proximity proxy used for a keyword phrase consisting of two words.Do not put keywords that do not correspond to the topic of your article.Do not fill your article with keywords that do not relate to your topic. This will result in a negative impact on your other keywords. Do not put keywords that do not correspond to the topic of your article. If the search engines see keywords that are not appropriate to the topic of your website is likely to be in the prohibited or will not appear in a search results page.These SEO tips may benefit you in getting the top position based on the keywords you are targeting.

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