Tuesday, 7 June 2016

How to Make Money from Your Blog with "KlikSaya.com"

This time I will discuss about the complete Indonesia's advertising network named kliksaya. Kliksaya advertising network has been established since 2011 and have connected a lot of advertisers and advertising networks publisher.KlikSaya included in the PPC or Pay Per Click where you will be paid for each ad clicked by visitors to your blog. Kliksaya itself has become the choice for bloggers to earn money from their blogs. The facilities and services of a great kliksaya make the blogger can trust this advertising network.

Before we sign up for kliksaya.com, it would be nice if we knew more about kliksaya as commission we earn, specification blog to register, payment methods, etc. Here's more information.

How much each click on an ad kliksaya.com?
Giving the commission by 60:40 kliksaya is where you will get a commission of 60% and the remaining 40% for managers in kliksaya, the value of clicks for each ad vary but a minimum value of each click is US $ 600, -. These values are high, and can be very profitable if your blog has high traffic. You are strictly prohibited by kliksaya to click on your own ads or act of fraud to manipulate the number of clicks (Click Fraud) or you get a commission cuts or even sanctions banned permanently.

Criteria blog received by kliksaya.comBefore you register your blog to kliksaya, you are advised to check your blog is eligible to register to kliksaya or not. Well, here are the criteria blog received by kliksaya.
  • You should have a blog page impressions (page views) of at least 10,000 per month.
  • Articles on the blog you have made your own original and not plagiarized article (copy and paste) and not an article auto-generated from a particular scripts.
  • Articles on your blog should match the theme of your blog. For example, if you have a blog with the theme "Health", create articles related to the theme.
  • The article in your blog can not contain bad about something like pornography, and the like. Article on your blog may also not contain the material that is unlawful.
  • Blog you have a place for advertising and you can not manipulate the site so that visitors click on your ads.

If you think, your blog is still not meet these criteria, I suggest you to improve your blog carefully and thoroughly so that your blog will be allowed to advertise kliksaya.

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