Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Differences IPS screen, TFT and AMOLED, which is best ?

Increasingly sophisticated communication devices based smartphones and tablets, the more sophisticated types of screens are also carried by the device. The types of screens that may often we hear and we often encounter in the latest smartphone or tablet at the moment, including the IPS LCD, AMOLED and TFT. Then what is the difference of the types of the screen? Let us recognize that we use the smartphone screen.

IPS Screen

Type IPS LCD screen is a lot we encounter in middle-class smartphone ketas, but before we need to understand about what kind of IPS LCD screen. IPS (In Plane swtiching) is a panel LCD technology is able to display a lot of difference when the eye is normal. Screen with IPS technology offers superb picture nice and suitable for photography.
While the weakness of the screen that uses IPS LCD technology is relatively large power consumption and brightness can not be perfect.

AMOLED screen

We often hear the name of AMOLED screens for the latest smartphones, what's that AMOLED screen ?? AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a type of display uses OLED technology (Organic Light Emitting Diode). Average OLED itself is a solid object which has a very thin filmyang containing organic molecules and produces light when getting electricity.
OLED technology has a relatively high screen sharpness but has relatively low power. AMOLED is a form of transformation of ordinary mempu OLED converting each pixel directly and very efficiently. Besides, the screen with AMOLED technology also has advantages as well as drawbacks, such as below.

Excess AMOLED Screen

  • Has a very high brightness.
  • AMOLED technology has RGB color settings, so that the video and the photos looked so stable.
  • Being able to save power by 40%.
  • Still looks clear, even if used while under direct sunlight.

Weakness AMOLED Screen

Devices that use this type AMOLED screen definitely has a relatively high price. Because AMOLED is a new type of display also uses new technology.

TFT screen

TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor which is a type of display uses LCD technology. Screen using FTF screen type is capable of providing good enough resolution and TFT screen is also capable of displaying images that carries millions of colors. Screen with TFT type is relatively expensive and also can suck enormous power.

Strengths and weaknesses of the screen uses TFT technology is classified as having a display screen sharp and also jenih and mempu receive very fast touch response. Moderate weakness is wasteful batteries.

Hopefully the info above phone screen could be one reference to you about the type of display on your favorite device. Hopefully this info can be useful for you, and do not forget to share this article also the brother or your best friend who is currently in need. thanks.

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