Monday, 6 June 2016

How to make About Me Pages in Blogger

Most blogs have definitely About Me page, whether it was created widgets or separated in another page. Weather abaout Me seemed to have become a standard requirement for the blog owner. To attract the curiosity of visitors, you must create an About Me page.

Function About Me page

As we know, usually the About Me page is used to beautify the blog. But on the other hand page about Me also play a role in attachment between the owner of the blog with visitors (visitors), because in the About Me page contains information and description of the blog either briefly or complete. About Me page also serves as a source of information to establish friendships and familiarity among bloggers. There is another page function abaout me the most important one, which is used as a booster SEO. Actually, I myself do not know exactly how strong a description of the About Me page SEO boost.

How to create a blog using widgets

When you already know what it's About Me page and what it does, you definitely think to create an About Me page. To create an About Me page in the widget, is easy enough, as follows:

  •      Sign in to your dashboard
  •      Click Layout. it would appear the parts of your blog, from the header, main, sidebar, footer, and so on.
  •      On the Sidebar, click the "Add Gadget". Then a new window will appear.
  •      Then roll down and select "Profile"
  •      Then click Save Settings.
How to create a blog using other pages

I prefer to make About Me page on another page, because the About Me page to see other yard more attractive than using widgets. In addition, the information you can sajika also quite complete. Here's how.

  •      Type "" in the address bar in your browser. (Without the quotes)
  •      Please register using gmail or facebook or Twitter.
  •      After that, fill in your name that will appear on the page About Me

    • Enter your photos. and wait until the upload is finished photo. if it appears the photo then click looks good !.

        • Enter your address in English. like this example. if it is then click Next.

          • Choose five things you like, if it is then click Next.

          • Then select what you did (Hobby), may be more than one. if it is click Next.

            • Then add Spotlight, it aims for someone to visit your site. Examples such as the photo below

              • Then add your blog address, if you select "Read to blog".

              • There is a third type of display to display your page. select one, and then click Next.

              • When was the completion, from last click Next continued ... Patience .. and select basic colors provided and click Next.

              • To optimize your pages, you are asked to pay $ 48. If you do not want to pay, click No Thanks ..

              • Wait for the process of making of your account, if it is you will see your page.
              • Create pages in accordance with your creation, you can add your biography, Schools, Social Media Account and so on.
              To put it into your blog, your copy link your About Me page, and then create a widget in footer with content as below.

              <p align="center"><a href="">About Me</a>
              You can also add Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service, and so that's how I will explain next dipostingan.

              A few of my posts, if flawed I apologize. May be useful for you ..

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